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How to grow marijuana, step-by-step cannabis growing guide


Step by step guide on how to grow the best cannabis you have ever seen in life, with proven to work growing methods and tips. Inside you will learn how to master growing cannabis everything from seed to the curing all in depth! By the end of this growing guide you will know exactly how to grow the best buds from seeds, strains, best grow set ups, lighting, soil, harvest, manicuring, curing and much more exclusive growing tips



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"Over 30+ years of cannabis growing knowledge and have spent countless of hours researching everything there is to know about  cannabis"

- Chronreviews

Growing Guide by Chronreviews

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Inside You'll Get:

Cannabis must know before growing!

- All the basics about cannabis plants

- Understanding the actually costs of growing

- Knowing how much power you'll use

- How to keep your grow a secret & why?

- What you must know before growing!

Where to buy cannabis seeds & growing gear!

- What different types of seeds there are!

- What strains are & how they effect the grow

- My top 5 recommended strains to grow

- Where to buy cannabis seeds

- Top 3 cannabis seed banks online

- How to buy cannabis seeds safely

How to grow from seed to harvest!

- How to create your first grow set up

- All the best growing gear & supplies 

- Where to buy all you're growing gear

- How to germinate properly

- In-Depth how to growing guide

- How to harvest properly every time

- How to manicure the right way

- How to dry cannabis properly

- How to cure your marijuana right

- Much, much more...

Growing Guide by Chronreviews

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I've been growing my own marijuana for about 8 years now and this book has allowed me to make fine-tunings that has made a dramatic effect on the quality of weed I'm now producing. A great resource for anyone out there... beginner or seasoned professional.

-Mike, Vancover, CA

This is a great growing book.

-Dylan Brown, Cali, USA